23 Adorable Animal Transformations into Anime-Like Characters: Mind-Blowing Artworks!

Korean artist known as byeongju.a on Instagram has recently created a fascinating series of illustrations that merge animals and anime. The series features domestic and wild animals such as big cats, dogs, birds, and others as original characters you’d expect to see in animation movies. Nitro’s artwork is remarkable for its ability to transform animals into a new style while still preserving their unique characteristics. These transformed characters are very enticing and are raising awareness about endangered wildlife species, including black leopards, northern bald ibises, cheetahs, East African lions, Damascus goats, macaroni penguins, and crested black macaques. Nitro’s OCs are captivating, original, and unique, and there is no doubt that they would fit perfectly into any real anime series.
if animals were anime characters
Animals Are Transformed Into Anime-Like Characters
Animals Are Transformed Into Anime-Like Characters
animals were anime characters
animals were anime characters





The eleventh bird on the list is the eagle.

Let’s talk about the twelfth breed on our list – the pit bull. These muscular dogs are often misunderstood and unfairly labeled as aggressive. In reality, it’s all about how the dog is raised and trained. With proper socialization and training, pit bulls can make wonderful pets and loyal companions. It’s important to remember that any dog can exhibit aggressive behavior if they are not properly cared for, so don’t let the negative stereotypes surrounding pit bulls deter you from considering one as a furry friend.






if animals were anime characters
The Crested Penguin is a unique and interesting species of penguin. It has a distinctive yellow crest on its head, which sets it apart from other penguin species. These penguins are found in the sub-Antarctic islands, where they live in large colonies. They feed mainly on krill, squid, and small fish, and are known for their excellent swimming abilities. Their populations have been declining due to habitat loss and climate change, making conservation efforts crucial for their survival. Overall, the Crested Penguin is a fascinating creature worth learning more about.
characters as animals

if anime characters were real
characters as animals
if animals were anime characters

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