A Feline’s Tale of Neglect and Redemption: From Severe Infection to Proper Care

In California, there was a stunning feline named Skimble Skypaws who was found as a stray in Los Angeles. The cat, who is six years old, was in a terrible condition. Despite this, a kind-hearted person couldn’t just leave Skimble Skypaws alone. According to Michelle of Milo’s Sanctuary, who spoke to Love Meow, they took the cat under their care.


Many individuals came across a miserable cat that was in desperate need of assistance, but they turned a blind eye. Admittedly, the feline’s appearance may not have been appealing to some due to having a large pink mass on its nose. The gentleman who stumbled upon the cat couldn’t afford the treatment and lacked the appropriate accommodations to care for him, leading him to entrust Skimble to Milo’s Sanctuary. Upon visiting the veterinarian, it was revealed that Skimble was suffering from cryptococcosis, a widespread fungal infection amongst cats that has the potential to result in death.


According to reports, the inhalation of fungus found in pigeon droppings is believed to be the cause of this ailment. However, there is good news as proper care and treatment can help manage the symptoms even though the disease may never fully disappear from the individual’s system. In order to facilitate his eating, he was administered a feeding tube as normal eating was not possible.


The cost of Skimble’s medication is exorbitant, reaching up to $120 per month, and requiring periodic blood tests. Other shelters refused to take in Skimble due to the expensive treatment, but Milo’s Sanctuary persisted in providing him with care.


It’s fortunate that they didn’t give up on this adorable pet because he has undergone a remarkable transformation! This affectionate and amiable cat requires lifelong attention, but he can always count on having caring individuals to look after him.


In case you want to contribute to Skimble Skypaws’ cause, you can provide financial support by sponsoring him through the given link. Furthermore, regular updates about this cute cat are available on Milo’s Sanctuary Facebook page. This information is sourced from www.holidogtimes.com and originally shared by www.lovemeow.com.

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