A Heartwarming Reunion: Dog Lost for Three Years Finds Its Way Back to Late Owner’s Sister.

Thanks to microchips, lost dogs can now reunite with their families even after years of being missing. Recently, a heartwarming reunion took place when a dog named Bentley was found as a stray in Philadelphia, three and a half years after going missing from his home in Memphis, Tennessee. Bentley’s owner had passed away during this time, leaving his sister Dee in search of the lost dog. When ACCT Philly informed Dee about Bentley’s discovery, she was overjoyed and filled with emotions. For her, it meant not only reuniting with her long-lost pet but also getting a part of her late sister back. Since Bentley’s home was far away, ACCT Philly collaborated with Whiskers, Tails & Scales Transport to help reunite Bentley with his family.

Upon Dee’s heartwarming reunion with Bentley, the transportation company expressed how this was one of their most cherished moments. The company shared an update that Dee and Bentley are both doing well and that her supervisor has allowed her to bring Bentley to work. Today, Bentley is on the job and has his own designated area, although he prefers laying right at Dee’s feet. Additionally, it was noted that Bentley is deaf, but can comprehend basic sign language commands and go off of vibrations.

What an emotional reunion! It’s so sad that Bentley’s owner passed away before he could see him again, but we are happy that Bentley was able to come back home and bring happiness and solace to the family. Let’s spread the word about this heartwarming story! ❤️💔

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