A Heartwarming Tale from a South African National Park: Protective Adult Elephant Shields Vulnerable Week-Old Calf from Aggressive Herd Mate – BREEZYNEWS

A video has emerged from Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa that is quite disturbing. It depicts a male elephant in a state of agitation, using its trunk to hit a young calf. Luckily, another adult elephant came to the rescue and shielded the vulnerable calf from further harm. The incident was captured by photographer Duncan Noakes. The altercation started when the baby elephant wandered too close to the agitated adult and was struck on the backside with its strong trunk, causing it to yelp in agony. You can watch the video at the bottom of this article.

Duncan Noakes, a photographer, managed to capture an incredible video showing a baby being hit on its behind after getting too close to an adult, causing the baby to cry out in pain.

The little calf attempted to run away but ended up crossing paths with the angry adult elephant, resulting in another blow to its backside. Despite being scared, the calf kept trying to escape until it finally reached its mother and found safety from the attack.

The assault stopped when the baby elephant took shelter next to its mom. A different fully grown elephant stepped in and charged at the aggressor, resulting in them fleeing hastily and bringing an end to the ordeal.

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