Amazing Elephant Rescue: A Team’s Effort to Save an Injured Pachyderm

Meet Fishan, the famous Asian elephant bull also called Fishan-Gaj, who rose to fame due to his remarkable tale of survival. This gentle giant calls the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India, his home.

Back in 2016, Fishan was discovered in the park, unable to move due to a broken leg. Apparently, he had been struck by a fast-moving vehicle. The break was so catastrophic that the specialists who assessed him were convinced that he would not survive.

Nonetheless, the park’s employees did not give up on Fishan and initiated a significant rescue operation to save him. The team consisted of veterinarians, wildlife specialists, and forest officials who dedicated themselves tirelessly to nurse Fishan back to health. They ensured that he received appropriate medical attention, such as painkillers and antibiotics, and closely monitored his development. Despite the unfavorable odds, Fishan’s resilience and strength allowed him to persevere. With time, he slowly started to recuperate, and after several months of treatment, he could stand on his own feet once more. Without a doubt, Fishan’s incredible recovery was nothing short of a miracle.

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