Baby Elephant Forms Unbreakable Bond With Her Rescuer

When baby elephant Naledi tragically lost her mother, a group of dedicated men in Botswana stepped in to raise her.

A heartwarming scene from the upcoming Vulcan Productions film “Naledi” showcases the profound connection between Naledi and her devoted caregiver.

The film aims to draw attention to the dire situation faced by African elephants, as their population is declining at an alarming rate due to poaching and habitat loss.

These majestic animals are not only battling for their own lives but also for the survival of their entire species.

According to the film’s website, one of the caretakers has been given a monumental task: counting every elephant in Africa in a desperate bid to save them. He races against time to protect an entire species and fights to save Naledi’s life.

Despite the challenges, it’s evident that Naledi is a beloved and cherished group member.


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