Elephant Hurls Stick At Photographer’s Car During Kruger National Park Encounter

A recent encounter at the Kruger National Park in South Africa showcases an elephant’s surprising reaction to being photographed.

The young elephant, wandering alone near the Sable Dam close to Phalaborwa, threw a stick at a photographer’s car when it grew weary of being in the spotlight.

Lisl Moolman, a freelance photographer, captured the incredible moment while on an afternoon drive in the park.

Watch the video at the end.

Source: Caters News

Despite the unexpected action, Moolman remained calm, observing that the elephant didn’t seem aggressive but simply wanted to assert its presence.

Moolman recounted her experience, explaining that the elephant likely felt vulnerable without its herd.

It emerged from the bushes behind her, showing no apparent aggression while chewing on a stick. She chose not to start the car, fearing the noise might startle the animal and escalate the situation.

Source: Caters News

Moolman interpreted the stick-throwing as a display of dominance and power. She noted that the elephant was not in musth, a condition experienced by male elephants over 15 years old when their testosterone levels rise during mating season.

Moolman felt neither threatened nor in danger during the encounter. The elephant eventually moved on, crossing the dam to join its herd on the other side. Once it had moved a safe distance away, Moolman started her car and cautiously drove off.

Watch the video below:

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