“From Abandoned to Adorable: How Our Shelter Helped a Pregnant Mama Dog Deliver 14 Beautiful Puppies”

A cute furry friend, Mam Nata, was dropped off in front of our shelter on the night of Christmas Eve 22. She was around eight weeks pregnant and was almost ready to deliver her little bundles of joy. It was a pleasant surprise for us when she gave birth to 14 adorable puppies, which made our hearts melt with joy!

Instituto amor em Patas (IaPa) discovered a dog in a feeble state, unable to even stand up. The dog was also petrified and took some time to be calmed down. The reasoning behind the owner abandoning the dog was due to the fear of her approaching puppies. Initially, when the shelter volunteers approached her, she was extremely cautious and utilized all her energy to keep them away from her and her puppies. However, over time, she became more comfortable with their presence and became friendly towards them.

“Take a look at her swollen belly, there might be about 13 or 14 tiny beings inside. We are aiming to book her appointment for tomorrow since she seems to be quite frail,” shared one of the volunteers.

“It looks like tonight will be a long night for both Natajuli and us. Let’s make sure that we have everything ready for her ultrasound to make sure all is well.”

Natajuli was given permission to go back to the shelter with the necessary assistance for the delivery of her puppies, and she did it! The first one to come out was an energetic young boy.

“Can you believe it? There are 14 cute little puppies in total! Natajuli has given birth to them all.”

Natajuli and her litter of 14 puppies paid a visit to the veterinarian for a quick examination, including an ultrasound and blood work. Natajuli appeared to be a bit anxious during the visit. However, her little ones were all healthy and well-fed, making them quite plump. The sight of Natajuli’s smiling face almost brought tears to the eyes of the observer, who couldn’t resist giving the adorable puppies a kiss.

Oops, I made a mistake and forgot to name my 14 adorable little things. It’s going to be quite a challenge to come up with names for all of them! If you have any suggestions, please share your favorite names in the comments below. I would love to hear your ideas!

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