“From Abandoned to Adorable: The Heartwarming Tale of a Mama Dog and Her 14 Puppies Rescued by Our Shelter”

We received a delightful surprise when a pregnant pooch was abandoned at our shelter. The adorable doggo, whom we named Mam Nata, gave birth to a whopping 14 puppies while she was only 9 weeks into her pregnancy. It was truly a heartwarming moment for all of us. The incident occurred on Christmas Eve 22, and Mam Nata was estimated to be around 8 weeks pregnant at the time of abandonment.

Upon discovery by Instituto amor em Patas (IaPa), the dog was in a weakened state and unable to stand. Additionally, she appeared to be incredibly frightened, requiring some time for the volunteers to soothe her nerves. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner had abandoned her due to concerns over her impending litter of puppies.
Initially, the dog was highly defensive and protective of her soon-to-be offspring, expending all her energy to keep the shelter volunteers at bay. However, after some time had passed and she felt more comfortable, she began to let down her guard and became more social.

“Take a look at her swollen belly; it appears that there might be around 13 or 14 babies inside. Our plan is to schedule her test for tomorrow as she seems quite weak,” shared a volunteer.
“Tonight is going to be arduous for both Natajuli and us. Let’s ensure that we are well-prepared for her ultrasound to confirm that everything is alright.”
After receiving the necessary assistance for the delivery of her litter, Natajuli was allowed to return to the shelter. To everyone’s relief, she successfully gave birth to her puppies, and the first one was a lively young boy.
“Can you count all the adorable puppies? There are 14 in total. Natajuli has done an incredible job!”

Natajuli and her 14 little ones recently visited the vet for a quick examination that included an ultrasound procedure and blood tests, which left her feeling a bit flushed. All of her puppies are well-fed and appear to be gaining weight nicely. Witnessing Natajuli’s happy expression as she cares for her adorable offspring evokes a sense of warmth in the observer, who is filled with an overwhelming urge to cuddle and shower the pups with affection.

Whoops, I completely forgot to give these 14 adorable creatures names! It’s going to be a tough decision because they’re all so cute. If you have any suggestions for names, please feel free to leave them in the comments! I’m open to any and all ideas.

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