“From Chains to Freedom: Rescuing a Dog Trapped in an Abandoned Farm for Years”

While driving by, someone spotted Violet the dog and several other canines tethered with heavy-duty metal chains. These restraints prevented the dogs from freely moving around and were causing them harm.


When Violet was found, she was already around 2 years old. Angela Stell, who is the head of NMDOG, thinks that Violet had been living her whole life being chained up. Alongside five other dogs, Violet was rescued from a location in New Mexico where keeping dogs chained without human supervision is against the law.


The local county sheriff’s department was sent to the property to search for the owners, but it appeared that the dogs had been left behind. NMDOG took all of the dogs, including Violet, and began their journey to recovery.


Thankfully, the little doggo is doing well now and is on the road to recovery from the emotional stress she endured. In due time, she will be ready for a new forever home through adoption.


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