“Heroic Forest Guard Carries 105kg Elephant on Shoulders to Safety from Ditch”

Meet Palanichamy Sarathkumar, the forest guard who has become an internet sensation thanks to his heroic act of saving a baby elephant from a ditch. The young man’s feat has left many people in awe, as he managed to carry the 100kg animal on his back despite being smaller and lighter than it. Palanichamy is just 28 years old and weighs 80kg, but he showed tremendous strength and courage in rescuing the stranded elephant, earning him worldwide admiration and support.

A forest team member named Mr. Sarathkumar stationed near Ooty hill station in Mettupalayam, India has gained admiration and praise for his bravery and determination. He received an urgent call while leaving for home after a night shift informing him of a female elephant blocking the road near Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple. With the help of his colleagues, they used firecrackers to safely guide the elephant back into the woods. In their search for other elephants, they discovered a calf stuck in a small ditch. The calf was exhausted and needed assistance, so they cleared a large boulder blocking its path and successfully rescued it.

The main objective of the group was to unite the calf with its mother since the separation was causing distress. Unfortunately, the calf was in a weakened state, and attempting a reunion posed a risk to all four individuals. Mr. Sarathkumar took matters into his own hands and carried the calf across 50 meters of the road. He then carefully placed the calf near a watering hole, hoping that the mother would come to find it. Despite waiting for hours, the mother never appeared. The group decided that their presence might be deterring her from returning, so they left. The following day, Mr. Sarathkumar discovered that the calf was gone, but he noticed large elephant footprints on the forest floor.

Before sunrise, they were reunited and vanished into the woods. Elephants are known to be very sociable creatures, living in extensive groups. The forest authorities observed that without Mr. Sarathkumar’s assistance, the elephant calf would have likely died. Mr. Sarathkumar was motivated by the human-elephant conflict in Tamil Nadu, and now he works with the Anti-Poaching Squad in the forest department. His commitment to wildlife conservation and his outstanding rescue of the baby elephant illustrate the essential role of individuals in safeguarding and conserving our environment.

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