Hilarious Elephant Payback: Fart Attack On Playful Friend

Just like humans, elephants are highly social creatures, dedicating time each day to engage in playful activities and bond with each other.

Often seen taking dips in muddy waters, blowing water from their trunks, and even playing soccer when in captivity, these gentle giants know how to have a good time.

Kabu and Faa Mai, two best friends at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, are no exception, spending their days playing together and exploring the park.

Watch the video at the end.

Source: Elephant Nature Park

Despite their friendly nature, the playful pair sometimes engage in mischief, much like siblings do. A recent video from the park captures Kabu pushing Faa Mai off a hill. Undeterred, Faa Mai manages to climb back up, determined to have the final say in their game.

In a hilarious act of retaliation, Faa Mai positions her rear end directly above Kabu’s head and releases a massive, unpleasant fart in her friend’s face.

The video description explains the playful dynamic between the two elephants: “Faa Mai loves to climb up Kabu’s hill.

Source: Elephant Nature Park

Over and over, she will do this. But every time when she reaches the top, Kabu pushes her off, reclaiming the mound as her own.

Faa Mai becomes frustrated with this and, while continuing to play, decides to share a lesson of her own. Listen for what Faa Mai is thinking at Elephant Nature Park.”

Source: Elephant Nature Park

Watch the video below:

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