Interesting meeting between two long-separated elephants

On a recent afternoon, Artie, a new addition to the elephant herd, was introduced to Tange and Sukari at the Africa Habitat and the Elephant Health Care Center. The introduction was carefully planned and executed by the Elephant Care and Veterinary Staff to ensure safety.

As Artie made his way to the designated habitat area, he spotted Tange waiting at the fence line. The 11-foot-tall elephant quickly made his way over to her and stretched his face and trunk over the fence to greet her. The staff closely observed and documented the interaction to ensure a smooth and safe introduction.

Introductions between elephants require patience and careful planning. The staff took every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of both Artie and the established herd. The successful meeting marked the beginning of Artie’s integration into the herd, and the staff will continue to closely monitor the elephants’ interactions.

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