“Joyful Mud Sliding: Baby Elephants Playfully Glide Down Hills in Thailand”

A heartwarming sight was captured in northern Thailand’s Elephant Freedom Village as a group of playful baby elephants slid down a muddy slope. Using their front legs to gain speed, the young elephants joyfully slid on their stomachs, much to the delight of onlookers. The village’s elephant keeper, Non, recorded the sweet moment on September 15, remarking that it was the cutest rollercoaster he had ever seen. Non expressed his happiness at seeing the elephants having fun in the great outdoors. Check out the video below to witness the adorable scene.

Playful Baby Elephants Kneel Down The Muddy Slope1

The Elephants at Freedom Village in the northern province of Chiang Mai, Thailand, decided to have some fun and slide down a muddy hill instead of walking. This non-profit organization’s primary goal is to rescue elephants and provide them with a better life. The elephants under their care spend most of their time in the forests and only return to sheltered paddocks for fresh food and safety at night. The organization aims to produce elephants in their natural forest habitat. Thailand is working towards improving the lives of the approximately 2,000 elephants living in the wild and captivity.

Playful Baby Elephants Kneel Down The Muddy Slope2

A charming clip captured by Non, a keeper of elephants, on September 15, depicts the playful creatures racing down the slick incline on their hind legs. This information is sourced from the Daily Mail.

Playful Baby Elephants Kneel Down The Muddy Slope3

According to the Daily Mail, elephants who like to take it easy use their front legs to accelerate and let their back legs fall to the ground, gleefully sliding down forest hills on their bellies. Check out the video below for a closer look.

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