“Joyful Pup Overcomes Heartbreaking Situation After Being Rescued from Tethered Fence with Touching Note” – Pawsitive Tales

Goose, a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees-mix, showed remarkable resilience despite being abandoned by his previous owners. He was found tied to a fence with only a brief note around his neck, but when a stranger approached him, he still managed to wag his tail and show affection. According to his new mom, Lindsey Hawkins, Goose is a friendly dog who loves people and craves love and attention.

As per Hawkins, the message attached to Goose’s neck read, “No time. Just get the dog.” The kind person who spotted him followed the note and rescued the pup. Despite being covered in ticks and grime, Goose remained cheerful throughout the ordeal.

The kind-hearted veterinary staff at Goose’s clinic showed immense care and attention to the dog, treating his ailments and cleansing him thoroughly over a span of two days. Despite the lengthy procedure, Goose remained calm and composed throughout, displaying no signs of aggression. According to Hawkins, this is perhaps indicative of the dog’s understanding that the team was solely trying to alleviate his discomfort.

As soon as Goose was given the green light to leave the veterinary clinic, his grin stretched wider than ever before. Hawkins, who had agreed to temporarily foster the lovable pooch, took him home with her. However, it quickly became evident that Goose had already made up his mind. Throughout the journey, he persistently attempted to clamber from the rear of the SUV to the front seat and ultimately onto Hawkins’ lap.

According to Hawkins, it was apparent that Goose had lived his entire life as an outdoor dog. When she brought him inside her house for the first time, she felt sad witnessing his terrified response. Goose refrained from getting on any furniture and avoided any area with hardwood flooring. In fact, he confined himself to the living room rug or carpeted hallway.

Goose was initially hesitant about his new surroundings and family, but after a few days of rest, he began to adjust well to his new home. He now shares his living space with a group of chickens and a senior therapy dog named Zeus. Hawkins quickly realized that Goose had found his forever home after just four days of being in their care. “We knew that he belonged with us,” she stated.

When we made the decision to make him a permanent resident, Goose had an unexpected reaction. He stood on his hind legs and placed his front paws on my husband’s shoulders, then nestled his head into my husband’s chest, almost as if he was expressing gratitude. It’s only been two weeks since Goose became part of our family, but his behavior has already improved significantly.

As per Hawkins, the once somber and slow-moving canine, Goose, has undergone a complete transformation. He now exudes a playful and fun-loving personality and relishes being an indoor dog. This is evident from the fact that he happily jumps onto the bed with a massive grin and enjoys running around the house, including on hardwood floors. Rolling on the lawn is one of his favorite pastimes. Goose’s newfound affection for toys is also credited to his sisters, who introduced him to the joy of playing with them. Hawkins further added that Goose loves lying on his back while holding onto a toy with his mouth and feet. His smile has become more infectious with each passing day, leading Hawkins to believe that he could someday become a therapy dog like his brother Zeus. Therefore, Hawkins is hopeful that Goose may follow in his brother’s footsteps and become a remarkable therapy dog in the future.

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