“Jumbo’s Human-like Features: Tourists Stunned by Unusual Elephant Encounter”

A female elephant’s affectionate pose with her calf was captured in a surprising moment that left viewers amazed. The heartwarming image was taken as she walked alongside her herd, including the little one. Wildlife photographer Renata Ewald, located in South Africa, snapped the mesmerizing shot in the vastness of Kruger National Park.


Hide those enormous b.reasts! A baby elephant seems to be bothering its mother for milk, causing her to stumble as she walks along a road. 51-year-old Ewald was impressed by the rare sight, which she had never seen before despite visiting the park frequently. “I came across this herd at dawn and kept a safe distance while admiring their peacefulness,” Ewald recollects. “This particular female caught my attention because her b.reasts were considerably larger than those of most elephants and visible from the sides.”


Take a moment to consider the plight of female elephants – their pregnancies last an astounding 640 days, and when their calves finally arrive, they weigh upwards of 250 pounds. These little ones are then nursed for approximately four years.

Recently, while observing a herd of elephants, photographer Ewald witnessed a remarkable moment and captured it on film. The image displays the elephant’s mammoth breasts, drawing comparisons between female elephants and human women. Ewald was struck by the similarities and was left in awe, as were the onlookers.

As a passionate elephant enthusiast, Ewald relishes any chance she gets to observe these majestic creatures, especially the young ones. The moment she captured on camera was particularly special because it took place in the midst of a joyous herd.


A photo of a female elephant strolling with her herd has been captured, showcasing the success of conservation efforts in South Africa where the elephant population has increased to approximately 10,000. The photographer hopes that sharing such images will inspire people to appreciate elephants and become more aware of their predicament. It is disheartening to know that these animals, who go through an astounding 21-month pregnancy, are often killed for their valuable ivory. Lastly, the photographer highlights the intelligence and strong family connections of these kind creatures, emphasizing that they are similar to humans and deserve equal respect.


Renata Ewald captured these adorable shots at Kruger National Park, showcasing a classic example of “like mother, like daughter.” The photos show a baby animal munching on a tiny twig, seemingly inspired by its mom’s behavior.


The young elephants were captured playfully wrestling in photographs taken by Ms. Ewald. Did you know that an elephant’s trunk has around 50,000 muscles and is even capable of detecting underground water?


The group of elephants strolled together, like a tight-knit family. Within elephant communities, it’s typical to see an elder matriarch accompanied by her daughters and their young offspring. Once male elephants reach maturity, they tend to live in groups with other bachelors.

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