“Nature’s Sunscreen: The Fascinating Way Elephants Protect Themselves with Mud”

In the Etosha National Park of Namibia, a group of elephants has been observed utilizing a unique method to protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Wildlife photographer and artist Anja Denker captured these remarkable creatures at a watering hole, where they were observed coating their skin with a thick layer of white mud. This particular herd of elephants, known as the “white” elephants, appears ghostly as they lather themselves in mud, which acts as a natural sunscreen against the sun’s harsh rays.

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dimensions, exhibit a sense of playfulness while splashing and spraying water around.

For several years, Anja, who is fifty, has been capturing incredible photos of elephants. She finds them fascinating subjects because of their impressive size and unique colors. These majestic creatures engage in a protective ritual, not just for themselves but also to share the joy with other animals at various waterholes. Anja describes the excitement she feels as she gets up close to these gigantic yet gentle animals while they pass by her vehicle. Despite their intimidating size, they display a playful nature while splashing and spraying water around.

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