ouching Footage: Man Helps Reunite a Strayed Baby Elephant With its Mother

A touching video has surfaced online, showing the admirable act of a man who helped a baby elephant that had wandered into his backyard. Dawie Maree, who works as the manager at The Wildlife Camp in Zambia, gently guided the lost calf from his porch and led it back to its mother, who was waiting in a nearby river. The incident occurred last month, and the footage captured shows Dawie carefully moving chairs that were blocking the elephant’s way to ensure its safe exit from his yard. See the heartwarming video below.

At the end of the video, we witness a heartwarming moment as the mother elephant hurries towards her separated calf to reunite with it. Dawie, who witnessed the event, shared that the calf got trapped between a wall and a table situated on his veranda.

Dawie exercised patience as he waited for the mother elephant to walk towards the river so that he could assist. He was vigilant of the mother elephant’s movements as he worked to free the calf, observing its elated reunion with its family.

Take a look at the video display underneath:


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