“Rescue Mission: Firefighters Brave Three-Day Operation to Save Trapped Canine in Pipe”

Last Thursday, a charming mutt named Sophie was found on the grounds of UC Santa Barbara in California, even though she had been noticed there three days prior. Emergency responders were forced to undertake a heroic rescue mission to free the cherished pet from a sewer where she had been stuck for several days.

It’s been almost a month since Sophie, a dog of mixed breed, went missing from her home. Fortunately, emergency services were able to reunite Sophie with her owner after she was found on the UC Santa Barbara campus in California last Thursday. A concerned citizen heard barking sounds coming from underground and called for help. Firefighters came to the rescue and used a hose to retrieve Sophie, who was stuck in an 18-inch pipe in the sewer. She was safely brought to the surface, much to the relief of her owner.

As per the announcement made by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Sophie, a furry companion, was rescued from an 18-inch drainpipe on the UC Santa Barbara campus. The daring rescue operation took around 20 minutes to bring Sophie back to safety. It was also revealed that Sophie had been stuck in the pipe for three days and had been seen wandering around the campus earlier. Luckily, after the rescue, Sophie was found to be in good health, except for being covered in dirt. The firefighters used a hose line to lure Sophie out of the pipe and reunite her with her owner.

The fire department recently uploaded a photo of Sophie popping out of a hole on social media. People were quick to show their appreciation for the firefighters and their exceptional work in the comments section. One person even expressed gratitude for rescuing the young girl, while another acknowledged their kindness towards animals, as they do for people.

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