The Blissful Moment: Watch as a Rescued Elephant Celebrates Freedom with Tears of Joy and a Happy Dance en route to Sena Sanctuary

Gan Da enjoyed her first day of liberty, happily snacking on a variety of goodies without any chains holding her back. This courageous elephant’s escape from a trekking camp has brought attention to the cruel training techniques employed on numerous Asian elephants.

Being 40 years old, Gan Da, affectionately known as Darling, probably doesn’t have many memories of her life before working at the trekking camp. She has dedicated most of her life to this place. Like everyone else, she was most likely taught using the tough method known as “crushing.”

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) shared that Thailand is home to around 3,500 captive elephants and approximately 3,200 wild elephants. The recent sponsorship from an Australian woman to rescue and relocate Gan Da, an elephant, to their refuge was a cause for joy and gratitude. This opportunity allows Gan Da to experience freedom and a better life in the sanctuary.


After receiving a call from Gan Da’s owner, who wished to retire her from the tourism industry, Tom Taylor, manager of the Wildlife Rescue Center Elephant Refuge for WFFT, shared with The Dodo that they were fortunate to have recently held a successful fundraiser for elephants in Sydney, Australia, which enabled them to rescue her. As a result, Gan Da’s chains were finally taken off this week, and she was gently guided onto a transport truck headed towards a fresh and thrilling beginning in her life.

It’s hard to say what was going through Gan Da’s mind as she was brought to the sanctuary, but a quick snapshot captured her wagging her tail excitedly as the vehicle veered off the highway towards her new abode.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, she was welcomed by friendly faces eager to give her a tour of her new lush surroundings, abundant with greenery and trees waiting to be discovered.

She also relished a refreshing spray from a hose.


“After traveling all the way from northern Thailand, Gan Da was thrilled to finally step off the truck and enjoy some much-needed leg stretching,” shared WFFT on their Facebook page. “On her first day of freedom, Gan Da happily indulged in a variety of treats without any chains, as she eased into her new life.”

According to Taylor, the girl is really enjoying her newfound freedom at WFFT. She is displaying curiosity about the other elephants at the sanctuary and Taylor is optimistic that she will build new friendships and have a great retirement among the rescued pachyderms.

You have the chance to show your support for Gan Da’s retirement by contributing to the shelter.

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