The Journey Of Overcoming All Difficulties Of A Dog With Paralyzed Hind Legs

Harold was born in a local puppy mill, where mother dogs are confined in small spaces and bred for profit.

Pets bred in puppy mills are at a greater risk of developing severe health problems such as heart disease, kidney issues, blood disorders, deafness, and even long-term paralysis. These issues frequently arise due to unethical breeding practices that prioritize quantity over the well-being of the animals.

When Harold was born and drew his first breath, little did he know that he was actually being sold to a buyer for a whopping $7,000. The buyer then brought Harold home and nursed him back to health when he got sick with a respiratory infection.

One day, out of the blue, Harold was surprised to discover that he could no longer use his back legs to walk. This unexpected development was a result of the puppy mill he was bred at, where irresponsible breeding practices had caused a curvature issue in his spine, much like scoliosis. Sadly, this condition left him without any sensation in his hindquarters.

After being adopted by a new owner, Harold was later transferred to Dallas DoggRRR. The organization quickly brought him to an emergency animal hospital without any hesitation.

Harold was hospitalized for a few days and struggled with maintaining his appetite and keeping his food down.

In a surprise surgical examination, doctors discovered that Harold had lesions and a constricting in his intestines, adhesions in his abdomen, enlarged lymph nodes, increased liver enzyme levels, and gastric fluids present in both his esophagus and abdominal cavity.

We’ve had a young boy staying with us at Dallas DogRRR for a while now. He’s like our official mascot, always ready to lend a paw in spreading the word about our rescue work on social media.

Harold is a true warrior, but it’s truly heartbreaking to witness him in pain. We’re dedicated to supporting him in every way we can to ease his suffering.

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