The Story of a 9-Week Pregnant Mama Left at Our Shelter who Birthed an Adorable Litter of 14 Puppies!

Mam Nata, who is heavily pregnant, was deserted in front of IAPA on December 22nd. The team at Instituto Amour em Patas had to work hard to calm her down as she was extremely fragile and frightened. Mam Nata’s owner left her alone because he was scared of her upcoming litter of puppies. She is expected to give birth anytime soon.

Initially, she was very defensive of her mother and worked hard to prevent the shelter volunteers from getting too close. However, over time, she became more comfortable with them and began to open up. A participant mentioned that there could be up to a dozen babies growing inside her, but due to her delicate health, her test has been scheduled for the next day. Both Natajuli and the participant can expect a long night as they wait for the scan results. Thankfully, Natajuli is allowed to go back to the shelter to collect the necessary supplies for the upcoming deliveries. Her first child is a bright young boy, and she gives birth to a total of 14 healthy and beautiful pups.

Natajuli, accompanied by her 14 healthy puppies, was taken to the veterinary clinic for a check-up, including an ultrasound and blood tests. The mother seemed to have a flushed face, but everything else looked good. When I saw her and her adorable offspring, I couldn’t help but feel emotional. I was filled with joy and wanted to shower them with love and affection.

My apologies for my forgetfulness, but I have in my care a charming group of 14 little beings who are currently nameless. It’s always a fun activity to give them unique and fitting names, so I welcome any suggestions you may have in the comments section.

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