The Unfortunate Pooch: A Tale of a Dog with No Nose and Broken Teeth

Above all, an ailing puppy who has suffered mistreatment from other dogs and is without a nose is in need of a loving family. As per a recent news report, there are many hopeful pet owners interested in providing him with a forever home.

The poor dog, named Sniffles, has had a rough time ever since he was left behind in Puerto Rico. Dealing with various health issues and even being attacked by other stray dogs, his journey has been far from easy. Despite the hardships, Sniffles has shown remarkable improvement since his rescue and may finally be getting a chance at a better life. After receiving care in the US and sharing his story with a charitable organization in Florida, he is on the path to finding a loving home. It’s heartbreaking to think about the tough conditions Sniffles had to endure in Puerto Rico. With whipworms, hookworms, and other parasites plaguing him, he is in desperate need of dental care to alleviate his pain.

He was reportedly ambushed by other stray canines which led to multiple wounds and illnesses, resulting in the loss of his nose. Fortunately, a local animal rescue group in Puerto Rico discovered him and arranged for him to be taken in by a family in the United States for better medical treatment. Despite the initial rescue, his stay with the family was short-lived as his health required continuous attention and he kept running away. Eventually, he found a permanent home with Poodle Pooch Rescue in Florida, a nonprofit organization that rescues hundreds of dogs annually.

Rescue teams found him on December 19 and wasted no time in finding a suitable home for him. His story caught the attention of the local news channel, WESH, on December 24, and things started looking up for Sniffles. The shelter was flooded with over 100 inquiries from potential adopters after his story aired. Sniffles will require a dedicated owner who can clean his nasal passages twice a day and administer daily eye drops for his dry eyes, according to Rebecca Lynch, a spokesperson for the shelter, as reported by

“He has a variety of parasites, such as whipworms and hookworms, which may indicate that he was living in unsanitary conditions before we took him in. Additionally, he tested positive for the tick-borne illness ehrlichiosis. Fortunately, he is currently undergoing treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. Despite his illness and challenges, Sniffles remains a resilient and loving companion. Lynch remarked, “Young Sniffles is a resilient little guy. Despite his rough past, he is slowly coming out of his shell, showing signs of happiness and engagement. He wags his tail, enjoys spending time outdoors, gets along well with other dogs, and makes cute little grunting noises due to his illness. He craves affection and loves when people pet him. Sniffles is a delightful and playful pup, and we are thrilled that his story has grabbed the attention of many in Central Florida after being featured locally.”

It is truly unfortunate that Sniffles’ story isn’t exceptional, despite his unique perspective on life. Every week, our rescue organization welcomes dogs like Sniffles who have special needs. We hope that if someone doesn’t choose to adopt Sniffles, they will consider adopting another animal with special requirements, or perhaps fostering animals as there are so many wonderful options available. In the meantime, local resident Genesis Diaz was under the weather with a cold. When she woke up this morning, Sniffles was by her side, looking at her. Suddenly, he ran up to her, turned her around, and began affectionately licking her face. It’s no wonder why people are drawn to rescue animals like Sniffles. The clinic’s medical director, Michelle Walker, describes him as a lovable and trustworthy old dog who has stolen the hearts of everyone at the facility. Simply put, Sniffles is truly special.

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