This Feline Fought Off a Big Tumor, But Now Needs Your Assistance…

Meet Keta, a rescued sheltie who was saved from a kill shelter despite having a severe mouth tumor. Thanks to Unwanted NYC Pets, she was given a second chance at life. However, her tumor was deforming her entire face, and after consulting with several doctors and undergoing tests, they decided to proceed with surgery to remove it, even though she could have lost an eye or been severely deformed. Fortunately, none of this came true, and Keta only had to endure a biopsy, an X-ray scan, and the tumor removal procedure. She is now healing and doing amazing, with tight skin that gives her full vision in both eyes, and she’s loving life again. Now she’s completely ready for a loving new home, where she can forget her sad past.


A little kitten who didn’t have a home was waiting patiently for euthanasia.


Once in the past, Unwanted NYC Pets intervened and provided her with a fresh start.


The medical professionals administered therapy for the growth that had become so extensive that it caused a distortion in her facial features.


After seeking advice from several medical professionals, we ultimately concluded that undergoing the surgery was the best course of action.



“She’s savoring her meal with enthusiasm and experiencing the pleasures of life once more.”


Are you willing to consider adding her to your family? She genuinely loves both people and dogs.


Oh my goodness, that cat is such a brave warrior! It’s truly inspiring. Let’s spread the word to our friends and share this amazing feline’s story.

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