Transforming a Stray Dog: From Dumpster Diving to Beloved Pet

The story is about a senior dog named Abby who was found by animal control when she was scavenging through garbage to find food to survive. The old pup was in a terrible condition – weak, skinny and sickly – and guessed to be around 10-12 years old.

Upon recognizing that they were not equipped to properly care for the dog, animal control officials reached out to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana for assistance.

As soon as the rescuers caught sight of her, they were taken aback. It was hard to fathom how she had managed to make it on her own while enduring such a slew of injuries. Her ailments included a hind leg that was broken, as well as skin and ear infections, among other health concerns.

Without any delay, the rescuers promptly tended to the woman’s existing health problems. They extended medical care that spanned several weeks and administered a surgical procedure to address all her concerns. This resulted in noteworthy improvement, and she is now enjoying a much better state of health than when she initially arrived.

This cute little creature is close to completing her treatment, which means she’ll be available for adoption very soon. We’re crossing our fingers that she’ll find a loving and forever home where she’ll be cherished.

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