After A Dog Attack This Blind Pit Bull Found On The Edge Of The Star

Love is something your eyes can not always see but your heart can always feel. says androdass

Katie Frame, a youngster from Pennsylvania, is certain that her dog Bear adores her despite the fact that he cannot see. When her dog rests his broad, square head on her lap, when she snuggles up to him on the couch, or when he sits at her feet and looks up at her with adoration, she knows she is loved.

Bear’s affection for Katie is genuine and shared by the majority of the gang, but he has not always been so fortunate. While out playing with his sisters in Trenton, New Jersey, he was struck by a car when he was just one year old. The driver fled the scene without staying to help Bear, who was left critically injured in the parking lot of a gas station.

Katie remarked, “He looked like commodity from a horrible horror movie.”

Bear was rushed to the first pet hospital, which happened to be run by Katie’s mom. His owner was notified, but they left him where he was found after recognizing him and seeing the extent of his injuries. He suffered in the cage for three full days. Because of the severity of the damage to the bear’s eyes, they had to be surgically removed.

Katie’s mother could not handle the thought of seeing the dog in pain after learning that all the people he had ever known had abandoned him. They agonized over the implications of bringing a disabled dog into their household, but ultimately made the decision to do so.

When Katie found out about Bear, she shared the news with her friend, and the two of them decided to take in the homeless man. My darling boy returned home after he finally received the medical attention he so urgently needed. Let me tell you, this puppy is the happiest, kindest dog I have ever met.

Katie and her family were relieved to discover a horrible, loving guy underneath the mask once his health issues were resolved. Katie claims he is completely unaffected by his blindness and acts like any other normal dog.

Katie explained that having an eyeless dog was not much different from having a typical dog. He runs into issues periodically, but he mentally mapped the entire house and navigates it with far less difficulty than I anticipated.

Bear, like every nasty house pet ever, enjoys going for walks, chewing on his beloved ball, and playing with the family’s golden retriever, Reese.

Bear has a reputation for jumping onto people’s stages to give them a kiss when they meet him for the first time. His hearing is exceptionally acute, making him perfectly suited to navigating the world around him. Like any good family would, they are eager to lend a hand when he is in need.

Bean has helped the Frame family tremendously, but they all agree that he has helped them much more. Before he came into my life, I was so depressed that I was wasting it,” Katie said. Time seemed to be passing far more quickly than I was. Now, however, I feel like my life has meaning. He has made a huge difference in my life.

Katie now feels more comfortable working with creatures that have specific needs after caring for her eyeless canine.

He inspires me to get out of bed and participate actively in life. If I am ever feeling down, I just think of him and I can not help but crack a grin. Bear, the dog, is extraordinary. He is free to pursue a typical, fulfilling life. Not even his lack of sight or fatigue. He taught me that love is an emotion and not something you can see.

Bean demonstrates that sight is not necessary to appreciate the finer things in life. Please tell everyone about him.

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