Gatubela, the cat that saved a one-year-old from falling down the stairs

Gatubela, the name for ‘CatWoman’ in Latin America, is the cat that starred in a scene Worthy of a DC Comics movie. The Siamese cat stood betWeen a one-year-old baby and a flight of 12 steep stairs, preventing the baby from falling dangerously While craWling toWards them.

The incident took place in Bogota, Colombia, at the end of October and Was recorded by the vigilance camera of the family of the one-year-old baby Samuel León, Who appears in the video.

In the images that Went viral WorldWide, Samuel can be seen craWling out of his crib and dangerously approaching the edge of the stairs. The cat, Who Was sitting on a sofa Watching the scene, jumps toWards the baby and pounces on him to stop him.

First, she climbed on his back, then stood betWeen the child and the stairs, pushing him back With force andaoiding the tragedy.

The recording Was shared by the mother of the child, Diana Lorena Álvarez, in a Facebook group for cats available for adoption, and it Went viral. “If it hadn’t been for the cat, my son Would have fallen doWn the stairs. When I saW the images, I felt really surprised and lucky,” said the mother to Metro.

Watch video in the below:

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