Pitbull Puppy Left All Alone To Die In An Empty Parking Lot Defies All Odds

When someone decided to dump a cardboard box with a starving Pitbull puppy inside in the middle of an empty parking lot, they likely didn’t think that they were being captured on camera. But Shannon saw exactly what had happened. Not only had they heartlessly abandoned a young puppy, but the Pittie was starving and suffering. 

But luckily for the sweet Pitbull pup, he was fortunate enough to be found by an animal-loving dog mom of three.


In the video, you can see a pickup truck pull-up and park. Then, a man gets out and grabs something out of the bed of the truck. It’s a cardboard box that he then ditches in the vacant parking lot.

Of course, Shannon had to go and see what was inside. When she peered into the box, she was shocked to see a tiny Pitbull puppy who was in absolutely awful shape. He was so sick and it was obvious he was in need of immediate medical attention. The poor pup was so skinny, you could see every one of his ribs, and he was losing large patches of his fur.

She immediately took him to the vet, and then brought him back to her house, where she set out to nurse him back to health. The first few days home, he was very scared, but he was eating, and that was incredibly important. It was such a good sign that he was willing to eat.


For his first few days, all he did was eat, do his business, and sleep. His behavior was obviously a desperate attempt to help his little body heal. But once he started feeling better, it was quite clear that he was such a sweet little guy.

After a week, he let Shannon and her sons snuggle him. And then after three, his personality started to show through. They could tell he was finally feeling safe and that he was happy. 


More time passed and all of his fur grew back, soft and beautiful. Plus, he started to play with her other dogs. The pup was so lucky to not only live, but to find a forever home that was filled with so much love. 

You can check-out the video that tells his inspiring story, and see how handsome he is now, below.

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