The cat panted heavily, gasping for air with its mouth, but no one came to its aid

This cat’s name is Steam Engine. They found him alone in the hallway. The house cat was thrown out because he got sick. Perhaps it was different – first, they threw it away, and then the cat caught the infection, but who will tell now? When the volunteers came to pick up the cat, he was suffocating and greedily gasping for every breath of air, for which he received his touching name in the shelter.

The engine was recommended a very complex and expensive study – rhinoscopy, as something in the nose made it difficult for him to breathe. But it couldn’t be done right away. The cat had very poor blood counts. Prolonged starvation at the entrance led to anemia. The train went through a long recovery process in the clinic’s hospital before the operation.

The result of the study was terrible: it is not clear how the fluffy breathed, because his nose tissues were very swollen – from the very throat to the tip of the nose. Doctors performed a series of complicated operations on him to remove swollen tissue from his nasopharynx.

It’s scary to even imagine what pain the baby experienced – the tissues were cut off almost to the bone. Every day after the operation, he was taken for injections of the strongest painkiller. Alexander Green wrote: “I understood one simple truth. It is to do the so-called miracles with your own hands.”

We are sure that each shelter cat is waiting for his own, real and great Miracle – the hands of future owners who take him Home. So, let’s do miracles with our own hands! Come to volunteer – perhaps among the many inhabitants, you will see that special one for which you want to perform a Miracle.

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