Tourists are surprised when they have to confront the strange elephant directly

In a moment of unexpected revelation, a female elephant was recently photographed in an endearing pose that amazed observers. The picture was taken while she strolled with her young one and the rest of her herd.

This captivating snapshot was captured by the lens of Renata Ewald, a seasoned wildlife photographer based in South Africa, in the expanses of Kruger National Park.

M1Put those mammoth b.reasts away – the baby elephant appears to be pestering her mother for some milk, causing her to trip over as she walks down a road.

Ewald, 51, expressed her amazement at the unique sighting, something she had never witnessed in her extensive visits to the park.

“I chanced upon this breeding herd early in the morning and maintained a respectful distance as I marveled at their tranquility,” Ewald recalls. “This specific female caught my eye, as her breasts were significantly larger than one would expect in elephants and quite visible from the sides.”

M2Spare a thought for she-elephants – pregnancy lasts for 640 days, and when the calves come out, they weigh about 250 pounds. They b.reast-feed for around four years.

The moment was remarkable as Ewald captured the full view of the elephant’s large breasts, drawing parallels between this female elephant and human women. This unusual spectacle left both her and onlookers astonished.

“Watching this unfold was incredible. The similarity between this elephant’s breasts and those of human females was striking; it felt like I was looking at a woman,” Ewald noted.

A self-professed elephant enthusiast, Ewald expressed the joy she experiences during her encounters with these magnificent creatures, especially when she has the chance to observe young ones within the herds. This incident held a special place in her heart due to the joyful atmosphere surrounding the herd.

M3The she-elephant was pictured while out for a walk with the rest of the herd. Thanks to conservation work, there are now around 10,000 elephants in South Africa.

She hopes such snapshots can enhance people’s appreciation for elephants and raise awareness about their plight.

“It’s heart-wrenching to know that these creatures, who are pregnant for a staggering 21 months, often meet gruesome ends due to ivory poaching,” she lamented.

In conclusion, Ewald highlighted the intellectual prowess of these gentle giants, underlining their tight-knit familial bonds. “They share striking similarities with humans and deserve equal respect,” she emphasized.

M4Like mother, like daughter – Renata Ewald took these snaps at the Kruger National Park. The baby appears to be eating a small branch.M5Ms. Ewald also took these pictures of young elephants tussling. There are 50,000 muscles in an elephant’s trunk, and it can even detect underground water.M6The elephants were walking as a family. A traditional elephant family will consist of an older matriarch, her daughters, and their calves. Male elephants live in bachelor groups after reaching sexual maturity.

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