When Motherly Love Turns Violent: Heartbreaking Incident of a Newborn Elephant and its Distraught Mother

Experiencing rejection from those you love the most, especially from your parents whom you have loved unconditionally, can be an incredibly painful feeling. It is a distressing emotion that can leave a lasting impact on one’s life.

Once, there was a baby elephant who was in great distress. The little elephant cried for hours on end as he could not understand why his mother would attack him and refuse to care for him.

Zhuang Zhuang’s birth at the Shendiashan Wild Animal Natural Reserve in China took a turn when his mother tried to attack him. As a result, the officials had to intervene by separating them, which was an unusual occurrence since elephants rarely abandon their young before they can fend for themselves.

At first, the caregivers thought that the situation between the mother and her baby elephant was a minor misunderstanding. They provided medical attention to the hurt calf and reunited it with its mother. Unfortunately, the danger was still present, and the mother elephant called out to her offspring once more. These intelligent animals live in a close group where they protect each other, including their young.

Baby elephant cries for five hours after mother tries to stamp on him

According to Lan Redmond, a wildlife specialist at the Born Free Foundation, elephants in the wild rely on all adult members of the herd to take care of their young. This collective effort helps them learn how to parent successfully, with family always present to offer guidance and support. Interestingly, elephant mothers often choose “nurses” from their family to assist them in raising their calves. However, this behavior is rare in captive elephants who are not raised in conventional family groupings. Despite the challenges, some animals, like Zhuang Zhuang, can still survive and even thrive if given proper care and attention. In his case, he was lucky enough to be adopted by the caretaker who saved his life.

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